Around 120 rabbits are required to create a single Rabbit Fur Vest. So, when people come to know that the vest they like too much is made from the fur obtained by killing minks, they shudder. Rabbit fur is used to create not only vests, but also cardigan trims, hat tassels, boot fringes and many other parts of clothes. Also, rabbit’s fur is cheaper as compared to the fur of other animals. Hence, manufacturers go for this cheaper option and since it looks good, most of the customers get attracted to it very quickly.

Rabbits are killed in a pathetic manner in order to get their fur. Slaughters behave inhumanly to these little animals, either they would break their necks or they would smash their skulls. Then, they would hold the hind legs of rabbit and strung them up. Finally, these inhuman slaughters cut off the heads of these small creatures.

The fur of rabbit is very soft. But, some manufacturers adopt false practices and try to slaughter cats or dogs and use their fur mixed with the rabbit fur and claim it as pure rabbit fur. This false labeling prevents people to get full worth of their money. Since you cannot judge by looking which animal’s fur is it, sometimes it becomes very difficult to choose a rabbit furvest. If you buy fur, then you must be sure that the one you are wearing is of a rabbit.

However, it would be good indeed if you refuse to wear animal fur and go for faux fur or brushed cotton. You ought to remember that no federal laws are there to protect fur farming on animals, but it is you only who can save them. Though this is a cruel act, many people still prefer to wear rabbit fur. Following factors would help you to decide how you can choose the best vest made out of rabbit fur.


Factors that Would Help you decide

Not only the style and the comfort are major issues, but the color and originality of the fur is also important in deciding the worth of a Rabbit Fur Vest. Depending on your personal preferences, a large number of options are available in the market. Keep in mind that rabbit fur is very difficult to clean and if you think you would not be able to manage it, go for those vests which only have patches of rabbit fur or trims of rabbit fur.

Generally, vests are dyed so that the look and feel is improved and it looks bright instead of something made out of dirty animals’ skin. Lengthy vests are generally expensive in comparison to the sort ones. And, most of the people shorter vests as there are no use spending a lot of money on vests. In addition to that, your chest would feel smoother against the rabbit fur vest.

Another major factor that you should take care of while choosing a rabbit fur vest is that it should have proper fitting. If it does not fit well on your body, your entire spending would go in vain. Fastenings and stiches on the vest should also be strong enough otherwise it might tear apart within a couple of days. Since this kind of vest is safe to wear daily, most of the people would wear it daily and get used to it. Hence, it is good to choose best quality material.


Maintaining the Rabbit Fur Vest

Rabbit fur vests are definitely costly and their maintenance also requires you to spend a lot of money in them. As it is already mentioned, cleaning rabbit fur is very difficult. So, a vest with rabbit fur just as patches would be easier to maintain than the vest which is entirely made up of rabbit fur.

The final verdict is that if you really want something smooth to wear inside, go for rabbit fur vests but be sure that you are fooled by the manufacturer. Nothing can compare to a genuine rabbit fur- neither vintage fur nor faux fur.