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Training a rabbit

Happy and healthy rabbits

At rabbit groomers, your rabbit will thrive with our behavioural programs meant to bring you and your pet closer together. Training your bunny is a hop in the right direction for fun and bonding! It’s not just about cute tricks; it’s a playdate for their brains and bodies, keeping them happy and spry. For you, it’s a chance to click with your furry friend, turning everyday care into joyful teamwork. Imagine a rabbit that gleefully comes when called and high-fives! It’s not just adorable; it’s a shared journey that brings you and your bunny closer. So, grab some treats, and let the good times roll – it’s training time!

Custom tailored Programs For Every Rabbit

Helping all types of rabbits with behavioural and obedience training, giving them a happy and healthy fulfilling life as part of your family.

Leave Your Bunny With Us, Or Pick Them Up at the End of the Day

Rabbit training while away

Train While Away

Boarding services for your bunny

Includes daily training

Training a rabbit

Play & Train

Training sessions with you and your rabbit

Unlimited treats included


“Incredible care offered by Rabbit Groomers, I wouldn’t trust anyone else with our rabbit.”

Igor Landry

French Lop


“The trainers were patient and gentle, ensuring my bunny didn’t get frustrated. They even gave her a cute bandana after her graduation.”

Ava Davis

Jersey Wooly


“Their bunny suites are spacious and clean, and they provided plenty of playtime and cuddles. Daily photo updates showed Thumper having the time of his life! He even made a few bunny friends. It’s more than a boarding service; it’s a bunny retreat!”

Axel Farrow

Netherland Dwarf


“Mr. Fluffins, came out looking like a show rabbit after his grooming appointment. They expertly handled his long fur, ensuring no tangles or discomfort, and his nails were trimmed to perfection. The staff was knowledgeable, offering great at-home grooming tips.”

Renesmee Thomas

Belgian Hare

Free Training Evaluation

Curious about our training and boarding services? Schedule a visit to learn more and get confortable with our caraing staff and trainers.


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